Results & Outcomes

The results and outcomes of BSUIN project:

• A database consisting of the characterization data related to the Underground Labs in the Baltic Sea region.
• A web-based tool that makes the database available.
Baltic Sea region-wide transnational network.

The main outcome of the project is a sustainable network organization, which disseminates the technical, marketing, operational quality, training and other information about the BSR ULs created during the project. The web-based tool and the network organization is created so, that they provide an open innovation platform for further quality development and innovation and share the best practices for service concepts, facility improvement and methodology recommendations from piloting activities.

European Underground Laboratories Association - EUL

Learn more about the web-based-tool and the European Underground Laboratories Association continuing the work of BSUIN.

Project activity reports

Learn more about BSUIN project results.

Closing Webinar | 29th Sep 2020

Learn more about BSUIN project results, underground laboratories and many more.