Activities EUL

There are four EUL work packages:

WP1 Project management and administration

WP2 EUL Innovation Platform

WP3 Customer Relationship Management of the ULs

WP4 Dissemination and Market Reach Testing

Many of the characteristics of the laboratories have been identified and new methods for characterizing have been piloted. The regular project laid the foundations (a minimum viable product exists), but to broaden the userbase of the ULs and to attract new user segments, intensive multi-dimensional marketing and analysis of the marketing approaches are required. The analysis consists of global big data analysis of the underground laboratory users to find all the possible segments outside the scope of current user bases of BSUIN laboratories and to find the key organizations and people whom to reach out in terms of marketing. The marketing analysis will be done through web analytics of the Innovation platform and WBT created in the regular project and through analyzing the direct contacts. Based on the analytics the marketing of the network and the ULs will be adjusted to find the best possible marketing strategies.

The WP2 “EUL Innovation Platform” aim is to gather user feedback from project partners and associative partner-based virtual clients so that the functionalities and services would meet the needs of users with different backgrounds.

The WP3 “Customer Relationship Management of the ULs” aim is to increase customer understanding and engagement. The starting point of the WP is the customer journey (buying process) which consists of the stages: awareness, consideration, acquisition, service, and loyalty.

The WP4 Dissemination and Market Reach Testing” aims to establish a better understanding of the effective dissemination of EUL resources and results to science practitioners, researchers, private companies, and academic institutions.